One of the contingencies on your agreement is for a home inspection. Now is the time to get started on that. Most sellers would like this done quickly, so get moving. Line up the best home inspector available. Your Realtor may want to recommend someone, but the inspectors known for being extremely thorough also get a reputation as “deal killers” among Realtors. Do your own research so you can find someone reputable who will thoroughly inspect every single corner and aspect of the house and property.

Plan on being there throughout the inspection so that you can accompany him/her the entire time as everything is being inspected. You need to know as much as you can about the home you are in the process of buying. If there are any major issues, like termites or a faulty Heating and Air Conditioning system you need to know now.

If major issues are found, you can amend your contract with a request that the seller have those items fixed. If the seller does not agree to properly address the issues, you can back out of the entire deal using your inspection contingency. This can also be used as a negotiating tool because now that you have made the seller aware of this major defect, he/she is now compelled by law to disclose it to any new potential buyers. They may conclude that they will have to fix the problem sooner or later, so they may as well fix it now to save the sale.

Do not forget that the dates spelled out in your contract are enforceable. Get your inspection done and make sure you respond to everything by the required dates.