Home staging consists of getting your home fully prepared for sale by making it as appealing as possible to the largest number of homebuyers. It involves professionals coming in and editing the décor so that it appears larger, brighter, warmer and more attractive overall. The idea is to make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Because our homes are furnished according to our taste and each room personalized to meet our needs, it’s hard to imagine it looking any other way. But when it’s time to sell, you’ll understand the importance of staging.

It's difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in a home filled with someone else’s family photos and knick-knacks. What staging does is neutralize the home so that people can picture themselves living there. Professional home stagers are skilled in the art of getting homes ready to put on the market. They improve the flow, remove the clutter and rearrange the furniture to maximize the size of each room and make it as appealing as possible. The goal is for your home to make the best possible first impression on everyone that sees it. 



The consultation will start with our professional designer touring your home inside and out, followed by a candid conversation regarding the various options. Our designer will recommend what changes would need to be made for best results. Our professional designer will look at your home with fresh eyes and with years of experience come up with a plan that will appeal most to potential buyers.


In all likelihood, it will cost you nothing to stage your home. We offer home staging as a free service and our goal is to work with the furnishings and accessories already in your home. In some cases, the seller may want to update the paint colors in some rooms and/or buy new bedding. These would cost very little compared to the difference they could make in how fast the house sells and for what price.


Once your home is staged, our photographer will arrange to take professional photos which must be completed before your listing is posted online. It is vital that your home be fully prepared for the photo shoot so that any potential buyers looking online at the photos and video tour get the best possible impression.

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