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Bret Shugrue

The most likely member of our team to show up to an appointment on his bike, Bret loves using technology to create better communication, automate boring tasks so he can spend more time with his clients, focus his energy on selling than on doing paperwork and leveraging technology to free up time to bike more places for work or play.

Having spent 12 years in New York City Media beginning as a teenager, Bret balanced education and work while attending class at New York University, so he could afford his education. Bret’s work has appeared in places like the San Francisco Chronicle, NBC News, NY1 and on CNN, CNN en Español plus broadcast and cable TV stations throughout America. Upon arriving in Denver, Bret interviewed at two businesses on the same day, 9 News and Keller Williams Realty. He never went back to 9 News to even hand back the application, helping others directly seemed more rewarding than more news stories.

Being a Denverite since 2010, Bret moved to Colorado from NJ, his birth place, with his now wife Vanessa. They have a son, Magnus, born in 2015.

The creator of Bike Lowry, Bret leads his neighbors on a bike tour around Denver Saturday mornings, 8-9 months a year. Participants range from infants in trailers to age 83.

Bret is also the first Technology Coach in Keller Williams history, training agents in the world’s largest residential real estate company to use AI and automation. Bret’s focus is on clients, his family and his next bike ride.