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Arnold Tedjokusumo


With a 20-year background in hospitality and business development, Arnold has acquired the inherent need to go above and beyond client expectations by providing top-notch customer service. He leaves no stone unturned with his attention to detail, applying his expertise in business development to the real estate industry. Combined with 7 years as a seasoned agent, Arnold’s extraordinary negotiating skills and passion for building relationships makes him a perfect match for helping clients navigate through real estate transactions.   As a listing agent, Arnold uses his passion for relationship-building, negotiation skills and proactive, forward thinking to achieve amazing customer testimonials and accolades.

While in the hospitality arena, Arnold increased business for his company by $2.8 million, successfully building and developing teams in 11 states and 29 cities.  By 2016 he increased business to $80 million.

You’ll find Arnold excelling at active listening, creative problem-solving, negotiating on behalf of his clients and communicating at a master’s level.  Arnold seeks out anyone and everyone who wants guidance in real estate transactions, as he loves helping people and moving people forward.

When not assisting clients, you can find Arnold spending time with his wife and daughter or donating his time to non-profits such as the Ronald McDonald House.  With his to languages, English and Indonesian, Arnold also specializes in bridging communication gaps.

Arnold’s attraction to the Path Home Team was the high level of performance the agents exhibited and their ability to achieve success through compassion and problem-solving.