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Kasia Stockhold


Kasia’s early years were spent in East Hampton and Manhattan, NY.  With a passion for theater, Kasia started acting at age 5, then went to Denver School of the Arts, where she majored in Visual Arts/Sculpture with a Minor in Theater. She later perfected her performance studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, one of the oldest and most prestigious drama schools in the world. She later earned her B.A. at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado with a degree in Theater Arts and Shakespearean Studies. 

At the launch of her career, Kasia worked teaching and directing children’s theater at the Denver Center Theater Academy before migrating into sales.  Her passion for interacting with others, role-playing and entrepreneurial spirit started early, finding things to sell in her neighborhood and around her mother’s boutique stores.

Progressing to selling bigger and better things, Kasia has perfected the art of sales and sales coaching, working at companies like Trulia, Fivestars and Signpost before settling into real estate.

Passions for Kasia include SciFi, poker, funky earrings, experimenting with gourmet cooking, travel (especially to Roatàn, an island in Honduras!) and of course her dog and love of her life, Prince Samson the handsome.

Kasia is delighted to be living in Colorado and working at the Home Path Team, which she considers “her forever home”.