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Kristen Nederveld


Originally from Oceanside, California, Kristen’s family moved to Colorado when she was 13 and this is where she chose to stay.  While she appreciates the beauty of Colorado, she maintains her love of the beach and makes sure to fit an ocean trip into her schedule at least once a year. 

Kristen started her career as a personal trainer and massage therapist, working closely with people to help them develop a better quality of life and to reach their health and fitness goals.  She always knew she wanted to be in the business world and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Kristen is amazing at seeing the best in people.  The relationships she has developed over the years have truly shaped her.  Her passion for teens and foster children lead her to her roles as foster mom, homeschool mom and stay-at-home mom over the years.  Her desire is to make a difference in this world, and she is doing an amazing job at it.

With a passion for staying active, Kristen enjoys people, working out, cooking, singing, laughter, camping, traveling, golfing, sunshine and joy as well as her two beautiful children and loving husband.  Upon earning her MBA, Kristen will make a big impact on the companies she guides.