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Jessica Argo


Launching her career in early childhood education, Jessica developed skills that apply not only to real estate, but also real life, like patience, care, communication and honesty.

As a Colorado native, Jessica considers Denver to be the greatest city that exists.  She cherishes the inspiration she gets from the mountain views, particularly when the mountains take on a majestic purple and the sky a fiery red.

With a love for adventure, when Jessica is not showing houses, you’ll find her enjoying her home state, traveling across the country and seeking out unique experiences.  Trips to China, snorkeling, and yes, even skydiving fill her time.  And when she needs a little down time, Jessica enjoys hanging out in her new home.

Jessica always looks forward to getting to know her new clients.  Her ability to find “the perfect home” hinges on learning as much as she can about their lifestyle, goals and motivations.  In fact, one of Jessica’s clients, while interviewing multiple agents, chose Path Home Team because the pointed questions lead her to show them homes that were much more targeted to their needs.

Giving her clients relevant information and a gentle guiding hand, whether they are buying a home, selling their existing home or purchasing an investment property, leaves them in the best possible place to reach their financial goals and life dreams.  Jessica believes there is no greater feeling for than helping people accomplish their goals!

Jessica knows that a good challenge pushes her in the right direction, always moving forward.  Some of her healthy challenges have been leading a first-time homebuyer training and starting a highly successful meetup group for young professionals in Denver, where the group now schedules trips to breweries, wineries and cool activities around Denver.