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Karla Martin


With two working parents and a family of six, Karla spent amazing summers with her grandparents, exploring nature and learning to fish, press flowers, and take picnic lunches, feeding homemade graham crackers to the wildlife.

After taking a housing class in high school, and with a family of craftsmen building and finishing homes, Karla decided a career in residential housing was where she was headed.  And off she went to earn her degree in Interior Design, digging in to art history, color theory, space planning and drafting.  Her early jobs included working at an architectural firm on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, ordering custom window coverings and managing commercial tenant finish projects (the REAL reason she has seen the inside of the Boulder County Jail).

After graduating, Karla began working with Builders, Developers, Advertising Agencies and Private Equity real estate firms, overseeing the marketing, including model merchandising, sales office staging, branding, advertising, public relations, product development and sales management.

Karla’s values were formed by her loving family and the relationships she formed with strong, working women.  She was encouraged to be thoughtful, self-sufficient and giving.  Her goals stem from helping others succeed.

As a Colorado native, Karla enjoys exploring her own state, walking on the many trail systems, spontaneous camping with her husband, and painting what she sees.  She loves spending as much time as she can with family, friends and books.  Her yet to be achieved dream is to design her own home, built by her husband and filled with large family dinners, intimate movie nights and popcorn popped on the outdoor firepit.