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Adam Signorelli


Adam was born and raised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  Having spent 8 years in the military with 4 years in active duty and 4 years in the reserves, Adam learned a ton about leadership, planning, teaching, and task accomplishment.  Consistency in his habits and routines, over the long-term, have helped him become who he is today.

After the military, Adam filled positions including working in the financial industry and a with a dept collector, his introduction to cold calling, sales, and negotiation skills.  At US Bank, working as a Financial Sales Representative, he earned the reputation as a top performer and was offered a team lead role. Upon succeeding as a team leader, he was offered a management position, working for US Bank for 7 years, 6 as a manager, overseeing anywhere from 12 to 30 direct reports. Over those 7 years, Adam managed outbound, Inbound, and customer service teams.

Adam went on to work for 2x Referrals as a sales manager, and later as the operations manager, then found himself in real estate where he excels at sales training, technology implementation and networking.

When he is not working, you’ll find Adam rock climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, running and spending time with his young son.