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Saba Faseehuddin


After mastering the art of parenting and spending fourteen years taking care of everything around the house, and with encouragement from her husband, Saba decided to get into real estate.  Built on a strong foundation of friends, marriage, and family, Saba brings plenty of positivity, loyalty, care and sensitivity to everything she embarks on.

With a 20-year marriage and three children, Saba is an exceptional listener and problem-solver.  As a Transaction Manager, she puts all her skills to work for her customers.  She organizes, schedules, councils, and even trouble-shoots when necessary.

When not coordinating home inspections and closings, Saba loves to travel wherever the sunshine takes her.  You’ll find her spending as much time on the Florida beach as her time permits.  She thinks of the beach as her second home.

Her altruistic goals have her helping young girls in Indian orphanages.  With a husband born in India and with an Indian culture herself, she finds that giving these young girls a chance to experience the same happy life that she herself has experienced, is hugely gratifying.