Real Estate Trends We’re Seeing

Here are the real estate trends we’re seeing and expect to continue to see.

What are the design and real estate trends we’re seeing here in Denver in 2021 and expect to see continue into 2022? We’re noticing buyers looking for larger lots and homes. It’s not uncommon right now for either one or both of the primary homeowners to be working from home full time, and they need more space. There’s a rush to the suburbs, and here’s what people are either looking for or creating in their homes:

1. Area for video calls. One thing I was surprised about was that people are looking for more divided-up spaces. For years the trend has been to tear down walls to make as big a space as possible in the great room. However, the side effect is that it’s difficult to have a private conversation for work in a room that large. So people are creating a specific place for video and work calls.

2. Outdoor living areas. Since most people are staying home more, many are investing time, effort, and money into making their outdoor living spaces as amazing as possible. The number of permits pulled and outdoor kitchens built has drastically increased, and often the materials for them have been sold out in stores for months. If you’re considering making these kinds of changes, I suggest doing so as soon as possible.

People are looking for more divided-up spaces.

3. Multi-use spaces. For example, instead of just having a guest room that sits empty most of the time, people have turned it into a yoga studio to use when no one’s staying there. We’ve seen the kid’s schooling area also be turned into their playroom. People are getting more creative with the spaces they have because they need to do double-duty.

4. Smart bathrooms. Besides smart toilet seats and faucets that you can simply tap to turn on, I’m honestly not quite sure what else people are putting in their “smart” bathrooms. We’ve seen slow dimmers popping up, so maybe that’s included in bathrooms. We’ll be watching this trend to find out more as the year progresses.

If you have any questions about these trends or real estate in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know via phone or email. I look forward to speaking with you.

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