Why Selling Your Own Home Is A Bad Idea

Your Time:

Keep in mind, if you choose to sell your own home it will take a great deal of your time. You will have to stage your home, take perfect pictures, writing great descriptions, and spend time showing your property to prospective buyers.

You'll Save Money:

You might think by selling your own home will save you money but in reality, you are spending a great deal of money upfront with no guarantees. Listing agents spend a certain amount of money to ensure the listing sells and both the agent and you make money.

Save On Commissions:

Choosing to sell your home you might think you are saving on commissions. Not necessarily, as homes sold by agents are around $230K, by owners $180k. When you choose the right agent, they will price your property to get the most money in the shortest period of time. Plus, agents know your location and know how to price it to sell.

No Up Front Money:

Listen, agents do not charge anything up front to sell your property. Whatever they spend, if they can't sell it for the price you want, they are out a great deal of money, not you! There is an extremely low risk and cost to you by using an agent.

Marketing Your Home:

You do not have access to the MLS or multiple listing services that can be accessed by licensed real estate agents. They can get your home listed on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and The majority of people looking for homes visit these sites. You can list your property on Facebook or Craigslist but probably will not get great results.

Your Error Can Cost You:

If you sell without an agent, any mistakes you make will cost you a lot. Agents have E&O or Errors & Omissions Insurance. This protects them if mistakes are made in contracts. If you sell on your own, there are those that will exploit every single mistake you might make.

Agents vs You;

Agents know that selling your own home, you are an easy mark to negotiate against. They control the buyer and can negotiate their own commission. They don't care if you are not treated fairly because chances are, they will never see you again.

Incorrect Pricing:

This could be the worst mistake you have ever made. Pricing too high, you will not get a lot of people viewing your property. Pricing too low you are practically saying there is something wrong with your property and you are just desperate to sell. Plus the longer your home stays on the market the more others will believe there is something wrong with it and will offer even less.

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