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Steven grew up in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, third of seven children.  Coming from a large family, he began to understand the importance of finances, which lead him to find and repeat the activities of successful people, always with goals and dreams of living a big life. 

Graduating magna cum laude, Steven earned an academic scholarship to Pepperdine University, where he earned a B.S. in Finance.  After passing the Series 7 and Series 66, he earned his stock broker’s license and an investment advisor representative title.  While in California, Steven spent five-years with an asset management firm in Beverly Hills before moving to the fast-paced, high-dollar environment of mortgage-backed securities investment banking.   

After marrying Julia in 2007, Steven decided to relocate to Denver.  Possessing a great understanding of financing, real estate, and construction, plus a passion for working with people, Steven entered the world of residential real estate.  New to Denver, knowing less than a dozen people, in a terrible, down market, he was able to sell 14 homes his first year, earning the title of Rookie of the Year for Keller Williams DTC.  From there he grew his business, partnered with Joe Bogar in 2012, and grew the agency from top 25 in the state to the #1 Keller Williams Team in Colorado.  In 2019, his company became the Path Home Team.

Steven enjoys his wife and 3 children, a successful business and coaching others to reach their own goals through trust, vision and strategic planning.

Paula Grimes - Chief Operations Officer

Melody Switzer - Listing & Buying Specialist

Melody was raised by hard working entrepreneurs. As business owners and innovative thinkers, Melody learned from her parents the value of integrity, problem-solving, and putting others first.

Graduating from college in Boston in 2007, Melody was faced with a challenging job market. Despite having no background in real estate, she took the first job offered to her as an admin for a large property management group. She quickly proved herself and was able to climb the ladder with two promotions in three years.

Then she met a man.  Who happened to live in Denver, CO.  So, she did what any girl in love would do: She moved all the way across the country to start a new life with the guy. Through mutual friends, she got connected to an amazing real estate agent who was looking to grow his team again. She saw many of the qualities in this professional that she admired in her parents. With a giant leap of faith, Melody got licensed and began a career in the Denver area real estate market.

Melody is passionate about caring for her clients at the highest level. Every person's journey to home is different and therefore the approach is personal and customized. As a top agent in Keller Williams, Melody has built her business on repeat clients and referrals. She provides expertise, continuous communication and great customer service to every person and family that she has the privilege to work with.

Melody is a wife, a mom to her son, Jackson, a friend, a church-goer, a skier, a wannabe interior designer, and a sometimes yogi.

Arnold Tedjokusumo - REALTOR®, New Build & Relocation Specialist

With a 20-year background in hospitality and business development, Arnold has acquired the inherent need to go above and beyond client expectations by providing top-notch customer service. He leaves no stone unturned with his attention to detail, applying his expertise in business development to the real estate industry. Combined with 7 years as a seasoned agent, Arnold’s extraordinary negotiating skills and passion for building relationships makes him a perfect match for helping clients navigate through real estate transactions.   As a listing agent, Arnold uses his passion for relationship-building, negotiation skills and proactive, forward thinking to achieve amazing customer testimonials and accolades.

While in the hospitality arena, Arnold increased business for his company by $2.8 million, successfully building and developing teams in 11 states and 29 cities.  By 2016 he increased business to $80 million.

You’ll find Arnold excelling at active listening, creative problem-solving, negotiating on behalf of his clients and communicating at a master’s level.  Arnold seeks out anyone and everyone who wants guidance in real estate transactions, as he loves helping people and moving people forward.

When not assisting clients, you can find Arnold spending time with his wife and daughter or donating his time to non-profits such as the Ronald McDonald House.  With his two languages, English and Indonesian, Arnold also specializes in bridging communication gaps.

Arnold’s attraction to the Path Home Team was the high level of performance the agents exhibited and their ability to achieve success through compassion and problem-solving.

Bret Shugrue - Listing & Buying Specialist

The most likely member of our team to show up to an appointment on his bike, Bret loves using technology to create better communication, automate boring tasks so he can spend more time with his clients, focus his energy on selling than on doing paperwork and leveraging technology to free up time to bike more places for work or play.

Having spent 12 years in New York City Media beginning as a teenager, Bret balanced education and work while attending class at New York University, so he could afford his education. Bret’s work has appeared in places like the San Francisco Chronicle, NBC News, NY1 and on CNN, CNN en Español plus broadcast and cable TV stations throughout America. Upon arriving in Denver, Bret interviewed at two businesses on the same day, 9 News and Keller Williams Realty. He never went back to 9 News to even hand back the application, helping others directly seemed more rewarding than more news stories.

Being a Denverite since 2010, Bret moved to Colorado from NJ, his birth place, with his now wife Vanessa. They have a son, Magnus, born in 2015.

The creator of Bike Lowry, Bret leads his neighbors on a bike tour around Denver Saturday mornings, 8-9 months a year. Participants range from infants in trailers to age 83.

Bret is also the first Technology Coach in Keller Williams history, training agents in the world’s largest residential real estate company to use AI and automation. Bret’s focus is on clients, his family and his next bike ride.

Jessica Argo - Buyer's Agent/Showing Specialist

Launching her career in early childhood education, Jessica developed skills that apply not only to real estate, but also real life, like patience, care, communication and honesty.

As a Colorado native, Jessica considers Denver to be the greatest city that exists.  She cherishes the inspiration she gets from the mountain views, particularly when the mountains take on a majestic purple and the sky a fiery red.

With a love for adventure, when Jessica is not showing houses, you’ll find her enjoying her home state, traveling across the country and seeking out unique experiences.  Trips to China, snorkeling, and yes, even skydiving fill her time.  And when she needs a little down time, Jessica enjoys hanging out in her new home.

Jessica always looks forward to getting to know her new clients.  Her ability to find “the perfect home” hinges on learning as much as she can about their lifestyle, goals and motivations.  In fact, one of Jessica’s clients, while interviewing multiple agents, chose Path Home Team because the pointed questions lead her to show them homes that were much more targeted to their needs.

Giving her clients relevant information and a gentle guiding hand, whether they are buying a home, selling their existing home or purchasing an investment property, leaves them in the best possible place to reach their financial goals and life dreams.  Jessica believes there is no greater feeling for than helping people accomplish their goals!

Jessica knows that a good challenge pushes her in the right direction, always moving forward.  Some of her healthy challenges have been leading a first-time homebuyer training and starting a highly successful meetup group for young professionals in Denver, where the group now schedules trips to breweries, wineries and cool activities around Denver.

Kasia Stockhold - Sales Director

Kasia’s early years were spent in East Hampton and Manhattan, NY.  With a passion for theater, Kasia started acting at age 5, then went to Denver School of the Arts, where she majored in Visual Arts/Sculpture with a Minor in Theater. She later perfected her performance studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, one of the oldest and most prestigious drama schools in the world. She later earned her B.A. at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado with a degree in Theater Arts and Shakespearean Studies. 

At the launch of her career, Kasia worked teaching and directing children’s theater at the Denver Center Theater Academy before migrating into sales.  Her passion for interacting with others, role-playing and entrepreneurial spirit started early, finding things to sell in her neighborhood and around her mother’s boutique stores.

Progressing to selling bigger and better things, Kasia has perfected the art of sales and sales coaching, working at companies like Trulia, Fivestars and Signpost before settling into real estate.

Passions for Kasia include SciFi, poker, funky earrings, experimenting with gourmet cooking, travel (especially to Roatàn, an island in Honduras!) and of course her dog and love of her life, Prince Samson the handsome.

Kasia is delighted to be living in Colorado and working at the Home Path Team, which she considers “her forever home”.


Adam was born and raised in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  Having spent 8 years in the military with 4 years in active duty and 4 years in the reserves, Adam learned a ton about leadership, planning, teaching, and task accomplishment.  Consistency in his habits and routines, over the long-term, have helped him become who he is today.

After the military, Adam filled positions including working in the financial industry and a with a dept collector, his introduction to cold calling, sales, and negotiation skills.  At US Bank, working as a Financial Sales Representative, he earned the reputation as a top performer and was offered a team lead role. Upon succeeding as a team leader, he was offered a management position, working for US Bank for 7 years, 6 as a manager, overseeing anywhere from 12 to 30 direct reports. Over those 7 years, Adam managed outbound, Inbound, and customer service teams.

Adam went on to work for 2x Referrals as a sales manager, and later as the operations manager, then found himself in real estate where he excels at sales training, technology implementation and networking.

When he is not working, you’ll find Adam rock climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, running and spending time with his young son.

Saba Faseehuddin - Buyer Transaction Manager

After mastering the art of parenting and spending fourteen years taking care of everything around the house, and with encouragement from her husband, Saba decided to get into real estate.  Built on a strong foundation of friends, marriage, and family, Saba brings plenty of positivity, loyalty, care and sensitivity to everything she embarks on.

With a 20-year marriage and three children, Saba is an exceptional listener and problem-solver.  As a Transaction Manager, she puts all her skills to work for her customers.  She organizes, schedules, councils, and even trouble-shoots when necessary.

When not coordinating home inspections and closings, Saba loves to travel wherever the sunshine takes her.  You’ll find her spending as much time on the Florida beach as her time permits.  She thinks of the beach as her second home.

Her altruistic goals have her helping young girls in Indian orphanages.  With a husband born in India and with an Indian culture herself, she finds that giving these young girls a chance to experience the same happy life that she herself has experienced, is hugely gratifying.

Karla Martin - Marketing Director

With two working parents and a family of six, Karla spent amazing summers with her grandparents, exploring nature and learning to fish, press flowers, and take picnic lunches, feeding homemade graham crackers to the wildlife.

After taking a housing class in high school, and with a family of craftsmen building and finishing homes, Karla decided a career in residential housing was where she was headed.  And off she went to earn her degree in Interior Design, digging in to art history, color theory, space planning and drafting.  Her early jobs included working at an architectural firm on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, ordering custom window coverings and managing commercial tenant finish projects (the REAL reason she has seen the inside of the Boulder County Jail).

After graduating, Karla began working with Builders, Developers, Advertising Agencies and Private Equity real estate firms, overseeing the marketing, including model merchandising, sales office staging, branding, advertising, public relations, product development and sales management.

Karla’s values were formed by her loving family and the relationships she formed with strong, working women.  She was encouraged to be thoughtful, self-sufficient and giving.  Her goals stem from helping others succeed.

As a Colorado native, Karla enjoys exploring her own state, walking on the many trail systems, spontaneous camping with her husband, and painting what she sees.  She loves spending as much time as she can with family, friends and books.  Her yet to be achieved dream is to design her own home, built by her husband and filled with large family dinners, intimate movie nights and popcorn popped on the outdoor firepit.

Kristen Nederveld - Administrative Coordinator

Originally from Oceanside, California, Kristen’s family moved to Colorado when she was 13 and this is where she chose to stay.  While she appreciates the beauty of Colorado, she maintains her love of the beach and makes sure to fit an ocean trip into her schedule at least once a year. 

Kristen started her career as a personal trainer and massage therapist, working closely with people to help them develop a better quality of life and to reach their health and fitness goals.  She always knew she wanted to be in the business world and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Kristen is amazing at seeing the best in people.  The relationships she has developed over the years have truly shaped her.  Her passion for teens and foster children lead her to her roles as foster mom, homeschool mom and stay-at-home mom over the years.  Her desire is to make a difference in this world, and she is doing an amazing job at it.

With a passion for staying active, Kristen enjoys people, working out, cooking, singing, laughter, camping, traveling, golfing, sunshine and joy as well as her two beautiful children and loving husband.  Upon earning her MBA, Kristen will make a big impact on the companies she guides.