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We Buy Houses in Metro Denver

Get a Cash Offer On Your Home

It isn’t easy to sell a home, particularly when it needs to be sold fast. If you are like many homeowners that get in touch with us, then you prioritize your family’s care. Being a provider and keeping them safe is something you’re committed to. You endeavor to solve problems that prevent your loved ones from enjoying life. Financial freedom is something you want them to have – after all, they deserve to reside in a place they're comfortable in.

Getting your home sold may impede that, though. Upkeep and mortgage payments could deprive you of the financial freedom you deserve. The repairs you need to make may be a lot more than you expected, and certainly more than you’re capable of handling by yourself. Suddenly, your property has turned into an emotional and financial burden.

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Does the following sound Familiar?

  • Are you worried about spending money you don’t have to make your home sellable?
  • Are you feeling a sense of confinement living in a place you don’t like anymore?
  • Do you want to get your home sold fast with a guarantee, as opposed to wondering if it will sell at all?
  • Does the concept of spending time cleaning or having strangers walk around your home make you uncomfortable?
  • Are you unknowledgeable about selling an inherited home, or ways to get it sold fast for the sake of moving on?

If any of these situations are applicable to you, you’re in good company. When homeowners feel this way, they come to us. Path Home Team purchases homes in Denver for cash. Get in touch with us, and will explain how to get your home sold in days, as opposed to months.

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How we buy Houses

1) You will obtain an offer that’s fair by phone within 24 hours.

Countless homeowners have placed their trust in our company when selling their property. Thanks to the experience under our wing, we can perform market analyses and provide you with a fair offer, fast. The process is hassle-free and doesn’t involve pressured sales tactics. We won’t make any promises to you that we can’t follow through on. You’ll be given a fair offer, and won’t be obliged to make any decisions or commitments. If the offer is appealing to you, we will make sure the whole process is seamless. If you opt to decline our offer, we will still be happy to help you other ways if we are able to, even if that entails pointing you in the direction of someone besides us.

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2) Evaluate the information from the comfort of your home

A home-purchasing specialist from our company will meet with you in the home for a short tour. The details we discussed over the phone will be verified, and if things go swimmingly, your offer might be issued on the spot. There won’t be any need to repair or clean a single thing before we meet with you. Actually, if we are in agreement about the offer, you needn’t concern yourself with cleaning even after our meeting is over. Simply leave the property as-is and allow us to do the dirty work. Our specialist will address any queries you have and navigate you through each detail of this process

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3) Select a Settlement Date

If you accept the offer we make, you’ll be able to choose a closing date that accommodates your schedule. Everything will be handled by us – all you have to do is pick up your cash! The whole process will be a smooth and hassle-free endeavor, allowing you to get on with the next phase of your life with money in your wallet.

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